Wednesday, 26 November 2008


It is 8 o'clock in the morning and I'm preparing to begin what should be a productive day. The late start is not helping though.
Today I must go birding and I must finish a draft section for my project proposal. I also have a lunchtime meeting to go to on open-source GIS software.

My background to all of these tasks is zero, zilch, nada.
This is what it's been like for the last six or so weeks, since I began as a PhD student. The rug was pulled from under my feet and I'm still falling. I've been feeling progressively worse about the whole thing too. Those of you who know will have seen my overly dramatic displays of depression and dispair on my other blog, Gormenghast (turned out to be a very fitting title for it in the end - if you've read or tried to read the trilogy by Mervin Peak you'd know what I mean). Lets leave those sorts of sentiments over there. This blog is supposed to help me pick myself up a bit, so I'm going to force myself to give everything here a positive spin. If you pretend long enough...

First things first: birds. I used to say I didn't really like birds. I was a mammals fan. Now I'm doing a PhD on them, which means that I need tobe able to identify bird species when I see them and when I hear them. I don't even have a pair of binoculars yet (so expensive!). But, you know, it could be worse: I could be doing a PhD on fish.

When I finish my "birding" expedition today (a half hour walk around the campus with my supervisor's £700 bins *gulp*) I'll let you know what species I've managed to identify. So far on my walks to and from uni I can positively say that I've seen wood pigeons, starlings, magpie, crows, jackdaws, robins, great tits, gulls. It's a start.

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David said...

It's only been six weeks Chris!
You're not supposed to be on top of the game right from the get go. You know that better than anyone.
Be patient and kind with yourself. You'll get there. You always do!
And you know i'm not just saying that- i know you far too well.

Let me say that i'm really proud of you for starting a blog. Lord knows i'm still looking for excuses to start mine- i think my honesty might end up getting me in trouble in the end!

Keep it up. I'll be checking in regularly!

x x

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