Thursday, 27 November 2008

Towards the end of the week

It's Thursday evening and I came home from the office early. I haven't been getting much good quality sleep since I came back from my two-week reconnaissance expedition in Cyprus, so I've been waking up later than usual and feeling very drowsy. It's probably the anxiety. Anyway, I think tonight I'll be going to bed early to try and get some rest.

My birding activity has been disappointing. It seems that when I get into my office I just stay there, and, by the time I think to go birding, it's dark out. I should go birding in the mornings and then settle down at my desk.

I had a happy moment today. I think I may have been close to tears telling two of my office-mates how I just couldn't get my head around these things that my supervisor was trying to explain to me and how stupid I felt, when they went and did something amazing! They took from their shelves three books: How to Complete and Survive a Doctoral Dissertation, The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research, and How to Get a PhD: A Handbook for Students and their Supervisors.

They gave these to me and in a moment gave me the assurance that I'm not stupid; I'm just going through a hard time. And all other PhD students are going through it alongside me.
I'll read the books. But just the fact that my peers gave them to me makes me feel safer.

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