Monday, 5 January 2009

Monday blues

The first day back at work in 2009.

It was snowy outside when I woke up. The whole day was pretty leisurely. Didn't even go to the office - had to wait around for a man to come fix my cooker, and then had a meeting with supervisor at his house.

The meeting went alright. He seemed pleased at my progress, limited as it was. He's either underestimating me, or is trying really hard to give me a confidence boost. I suppose either is better than disappointment.

Learnt a new bird today: the Redwing. It's a type of thrush. Typical winter visitor apparently.
Over the last couple of days I've also been learning that Goldfinches sound a bit like tiny machine guns when they sing... Okay, it's a weird association in my head but if it makes the sound stick then I'm keeping it!

Other than that I've been wrestling with this GIS program I'm trying to install on my laptop so I can take it Cyprus with me. This is the second day I've been struggling with it thanks to Vista. I think it's now time to ask for some expert help.

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