Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Stranger - part three

To wrap up these catch-up posts I have more good news, this time involving interactions not with computer programs but with people! Shocking, I know, right?!

Last Friday I actually stayed at uni for our departmental Happy Hour in the evening. It's a fun concept involving suggested contributions to a drinks money fund, much imbibing of alcoholic and other beverages, and extensive merrymaking. I got to spend a fun few hours with my fellow PhD students, learnt the names of a few more people, and shook a bit of the rust off my sociable side. The next evening I met up with them again, outside of uni. A major development!

I am a hermit. I admit it. My closest friends have been the same bunch of (wonderful) people since I was 16. I don't remember it being particularly difficult to make friends with these individuals. It just sort of happened - very naturally. I do remember putting in quite a bit of time when I first went to university, trying to meet people. This resulted in a handful of (equally wonderful) people that I became close to. It is these two waves of friends that I feel most comfortable around - they laugh at my jokes, you know.

From my second year at university, through my MSc and so far during my PhD, making new friends has just not been on the agenda. I have become set in my reclusive ways. Getting old also probably has something to do with it.

I'm quite happy being a hermit. Sometimes it gets lonely though. Especially when going through hard times adjusting to this post-graduate research environment. It's been very reassuring to have people like my office-mates and fellow supervisees and other PhD students. It is comforting to surround myself with these people, at least every once in a while. I will be leaving for Cyprus in a couple of weeks and will be away from this environment for several months. I think I will miss this new group of people.

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