Saturday, 21 February 2009

Πέρτικα Κακκαριστή

I was supposed to be working on my project proposal today, but my uncle turned up in the morning looking for company to go to his fields at Lefkara to do some work. Weekend farming is very popular in Cyprus. It's usually people who originate from villages and move to the city and keep the family land and tend it over the weekends. I quite like the system. It keeps people close to the land and the traditions.

While my uncle was sorting out his fertiliser, I went out looking for birds. I enjoyed myself. There were many finches, mostly chaffinches (σπίνος) and goldfinches (σγαρτίλι), as well as song thrushes (τζίκλα). There were quite a few chukars (pic; πέρδικα), paired up ready for breeding. We heard a black francolin (φραγκολίνα) calling and I actually got quite close to it at one point, but it must've skulked away before I could've seen it. There were many stonechats (παπαθκιά) as well, also paired up. I also got to see a Cyprus warbler (τρυπομάζης). I couldn't tell you for sure it wasn't Sardinian warbler, though. We saw quite a few birds that may have been meadow pipits - I still need to verify this. My uncle said they weren't larks , and he was sure there were also larks around. I saw one bird that could've been a lark, but I can't tell you what sort of lark it was (my best guess is greater short-toed lark (τρασιηλούδα)). I also managed to watch a little warbler, after looking for it for ages. I suppose the best bet as to what it was would be chiffchaff (μουγιαννούδι), but again I wouldn't swear by it. If I ever find out what these birds actually were, I'll let you know. I also saw a great tit (τσαγκαρούδι). I'm sure of that!

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