Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow and ice

The last few days we've been having freak weather. Sadly, the snow didn't last. Nevertheless, I walked into uni at -4 degrees C this morning and everything was iced over.

It doesn't seem to stop the birds from singing though - encouraging signs that Spring is near. I can hear dunnocks, goldfinches, greenfinches and chaffinches and tits (great and blue - I'm not at all confident that I can tell their songs apart but at least I can tell the genus, Parus). There are lots of pied wagtails (pic) around as well. Many more than before - it probably has something to do with the weather. Have been seeing house sparrows about as well actually. And of course the ever-present robins and starlings and blackbirds.

At the office it has been very slow going with my bird survey methods review. My supervisor is coming back on Friday so I am hoping to produce a completed document by then. I've managed to put myself in a position where I'm stressing out again because of a self-imposed deadline. But this time it's entirely my fault, because, really, I've had three weeks to do this, which would've been more than enough time.

Today I have a full day of courses on time management and project planning. These training and skills courses that they make us take are a bit hit and miss, so I'm hoping that today isn't a total waste of time. I also have a "lab-chat" to prepare for tomorrow afternoon. These are weekly informal discussion meetings that the spatial and conservation ecologists attend. Each week someone is nominated to present for discussion a topic relevant to their research, and it's my turn now. A little bit intimidating, but they're a friendly enough bunch, so perhaps it won't be too bad.

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