Thursday, 26 March 2009

Apologies yet again

I must apologise for disappearing for weeks!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or by other means will know that I've had a major PhD crisis, nearly quit, but was brought back to my senses by my supervisor who came to visit me for a few days. Initially I was so distressed I couldn't sleep or eat, let alone write a blog entry. And then when my supervisor arrived, it was five 12 - 14hr days of work and birding. I've also been far away from civilisation, with a really bad internet connection (that is costing me dear, but I can't bring myself to terminate).

Okay, excuses over. I am now back home for a couple of days as my trusty BirdLife Cyprus car requires a service, so I have full speed internet and am able to blog at ease. Even without the internet, microblogging on Twitter has been possible and am really enjoying it, and i hope my tweets aren't a nuisance to those of you who follow them!! With immense patience, I've also been able to upload photos on Facebook. I have been using a new camera, which I love, but haven't really figured out yet, so essentially I'm showing off the auto setting! I have developed an interest in flowers now. I think it's because they're bright and in my face.

The Cyprus countryside is just so beautiful right now! I haven't seen Cyprus this green in years! I am really enjoying being out. But not so much at dawn when it's freezing or when it's raining and windy. The weather is just bipolar. And it means that all the birds are hiding.

The other exciting thing is that I am looking for a volunteer field assistant. I already have lots of applicants, but very few of them know anything about birds. I'm also worried about being able to find someone who I can get along with 24hrs a day for extended periods of time. It's going to be interesting.

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