Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Slow going

Just a quick one this morning as I need to get back to work and finish my project proposal today. This document has brought me so much grief, but I have little hope of putting it behind me any time soon, as every time I think I'm done it turns out my supervisors are not happy with it. It's horrible to hear someone tell you they thought your last draft was excellent but now that they read it properly "it doesn't say much, does it", especially when you put in your best efforts for that last draft. I'm never going to believe anything he tells me about my work now. New best efforts are being put into this draft, after avoiding facing it for two weeks.

Because of my avoidance tactics I have done very little in the way of practicing my field methods and looking for sites. This is particularly tragic because my main supervisor is coming to spend five days with me in the field, and I'm going to have to have something to show him. My main worries at the moment (apart from bird identification - the only thing that can help me in that department is practice) are getting to know Cyprus (I will get lost repeatedly. And I wish I didn't have to.) and being able to look at landscapes and see the processes behind them.

P.S. My neighbourhood is crawling with blackcaps.


robert said...

Treat him to the Cypriot hospitality, good food, wine etc. and he'll be very happy with whatever birds he sees. Also nature is female(η φύση), hence unpredictable, not so easy to gather reliable patterns of the way she functions. I agree with you on needing to be in the field more, perhaps you should consider camping if you haven't already.

Τηλέμαχος said...

Καλημέρα, το καλό είναι ότι σε ανακάλυψα το κακό
είναι ότι δεν σκαμπάζω βαρναρικά.

Τέλος πάντων να είσαι καλά.
Πως είναι εκεί στην Αγγλία?

Όταν έρθεις κατά εδώ κερνάω Ήλιο ;)

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